Meet the Stars of of Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit (PWF) USA. Asia’s hottest professional wrestling TV show!

Glacier – One of the most recognizable names in the professional wrestling industry is a Zero 1 PWF International World Champion who travels the globe defending his title every week.

Thump Dupree – the Funkadelic Supervillan has been a main stain in professional wrestling for more than a decade now and continues to thrill fans wherever he goes.

Kevin Sniper – The most popular professional wrestler of his generation in Korea has proven to be a highly respected leader of Team Korea.

American Dragon Shane Miller – International Pro Wrestling and Martial Arts Superstar with over 7 world titles in his career so far.

Kevin Rhodes – The toughest member of the legendary Rhodes wrestling family with Dusty and Dustin. He is a 3 time world Jr. Heavy Weight Champion with his eyes focused on a 4th!

Pretty Boy Papi – One of Professional Wrestling’s fastest rising stars who is making a name for himself world-wide with his outstanding performances. He became the very first PWF Jr Heavy Weight Champion on November 16th 2013 when he defeated a former NWA Florida and PWF Florida Jr Heavy Weight Champion.

Rick Love

The Master


The Grappler

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