Find Your Greatness To Become A Pro Wrestler

August 13, 2013

So you want to become a professional wrestler. Well, it is not just the championship athlete or record breaker that aspires to push their limits and become great.

It is also the parent, teacher, and coach who wants their children and students to reach their full potential.

It’s the leader or entrepreneur who want to create a culture that inspires excellence and innovation.

It’s the artist who wants to create a true work of art that moves everyone who comes in contact with it.

It’s everyone who strives to excel on their own terms, to set and realize personal goals and achieve their own defining moment of

That’s the insight behind our pro wrestling school because it is designed to inspire anyone who wants to achieve their own moment of
greatness, and who truly wants to be the best they can be.

To learn more about this amazing Professional Wrestling Training Program call Kevin Rhodes at Ph: 321-239-5439

Greatness has no fixed address but is a place where each one of us can achieve our own personal success and shape our own definition. To learn more about how to become a professional wrestler be sure to like us on The Pro Wrestling School facebook page.


The Havenstorm Experience

May 15, 2013

Christian Nathaniel (Chris) Havenstorm was born in Miami, Florida but very early as a child was moved out to and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada with his younger sister Illyenna. While his baby sister entered the world of professional mixed martial arts, Chris’s heart was always into professional wrestling.

A fan since he was old enough to walk, Chris’s biggest inspiration that led to him becoming a wrestler was Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat because of Ricky’s complete unwavering to compromise his ideals and to never be a heel in his career. Chris made the same promise to himself to never let setbacks or frustrations or negative opinions dictate the course of his career, but that everything he did in wrestling was for two reasons: to be the best, and to always make sure the fans got the best in entertainment every show he was a part of. He trained diligently under several prominent wrestlers and started in other areas, winning titles almost everywhere he went.

He was starting to build a reputation as one of the best tag team wrestlers ever as overall he held 16 tag team championships in 4 organizations around the world. His greatest fame as a wrestler came in an organization called ICW. He was a 6 time tag team champion with two different partners, Darren Phoenix and Violence Jack. He was a former 2 time ICW Hardcore Champion and briefly even the ICW Heavyweight Champion. In a very strange turn of events, Chris also “won” the honor of running ICW as its president for ten months, where he created what is to this day to anyone who knew about it still considered THE most brutally violent and rigorously demanding match ever created, The Ultimate Purgatory Match. It was a match so intense that it has only been seen one time, and may never be seen again. It was also voted Match of the Year for 1999 by the fans and workers of ICW.

And then Chris hired a fledgling manager in 2003 to go into a new area and in his first match in the new area, the manager didn’t find out that the opponent wasn’t really well trained and this person mistimed a move that caused Chris a career ending injury and made it to where he can never take shots or compete again without risking severe permanent injury and possible paralysis. The manager quickly dumped Chris and moved on.

He rehabbed to be able to freely walk again and started managing on his own. If he couldn’t be the best and compete, he would use his knowledge to help other up and coming stars to not only further their careers and turn future stars into superstars but also make sure that none of his charges fell into the same trap and misfortune that his former manager did. In his managing career, Chris has taken wins with losses just like his in ring career but much like his in ring career his wrestlers amassed so many championships in the areas he was in that fans began calling him The Manager of Champions. And now Chris has come to PWF Florida and is looking to amass talent and still live up to his moniker while giving the fans of PWF Florida the very best in sports entertainment today!

Pro Wrestling Referee JW Rubright

January 15, 2013
pro wrestling shows in orlando

The Law and Order of Pro Wrestling Fit, JW Rubright

As a young man who had been a lifelong fan of the sport of Professional Wrestling, James W. Rubright had a dream of becoming a professional wrestler. As he began the training process he soon learned that the days of a classic mat wrestler were gone and that promoters favored the taller heavyweights because heavy weight wrestlers draw larger crowds. Training with these giants resulted in some injuries that would make a career as a pro wrestler difficult. As a law student he decided put his strong sense of right and wrong to work and be the man upholding justice inside the ring as a Professional Referee.

Promoters were quickly attracted to his “Take No Bull and Never Back Down” attitude and found that he was an excellent choice as a referee who could keep these beastly warriors in control. After finishing his training at a Pro Wrestling school, his first professional match as a Referee was with ASW. The oppenents in that match were Maximo Miranda v. Norman Wright. News of his law and order ability to maintain control in the ring spread and soon he was working for promotions all across the state including Pro Wrestling Fit shows in Orlando, Florida. Now, just two short years later, Referee Rubright is just seven matches away from his 500th match.

professional wrestler

James W. Rubright keeping the action under control.

JW Rubright was trained at the Pro Wrestling school run by Florida Pro Wrestling Icons Frankie Reyes, Jimmy Mack, and Dan Krigbaum. His favorite match that he has ever refereed was Steve Corino v. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine at a Pro Wrestling Xtreme show. He loves being a referee because it shows anyone that you don’t have to be 6’7” to be an authority figure or to make it in the professional wrestling industry.

JW Rubright now serves at the chairman of the Referee Committee for Pro Wrestling Fit and maintains law and order in all of their title matches. As a professional one of his major goals it to Referee a World Title Match overseas in front of Pro Wrestling Fit’s International fans.

To keep track of what is going on in the life and career of PWF Referee James W. Rubright be sure to friend him at

Orlando Florida Pro Wrestler Curse

January 12, 2013
pro wrestling in orlando florida

Orlando, Florida based Pro Wrestler CURSE!

Pro Wrestling Fit USA proudly presents CURSE! From the badlands of South Dakota, far beyond the confines of civilization comes a new threat to the roster of Pro Wrestling Fit. Now making his home in Orlando, Florida, standing at six feet eight inches tall and 281lbs of destruction, comes the dark tower of power, the walking disaster area known only as Curse. This living monolith has cut his teeth all over the globe since dominating the world of Professional Wrestling and has now set his sights on championship gold here in PWF.

Little is known about his life away from the ring although he has made it very clear that he has a deep rooted hatred for a current Champion in the PWF family and is waiting to exact his revenge. Although he has been vague about this quest for vengeance what is obvious is this level of hatred can only be of a personal nature. Recently, recruiting manager Leroy Jenkins to help him secure his shot at the title and with it his burning desire for revenge. While he has not stated who this person is the rumors in the locker room is that Curse feels betrayed by this individual. Some believe they broke into the business together and while this person went on to become a Champion, Curse was left to rot in the concrete jungles and barbwire nightmares of other organizations of the far northeast, miles away from the Florida territories. Having newly aligned himself with the Palace of Pain the sky truly is the limit for both Curse and Mr. Jenkins, a deadly combination of ruthless aggression and unstoppable power. Curse no doubt will find himself right at home with the pain, fear, and intimidation the Palace has become infamous for dishing out.

Because no one knows Curse’s real identity many questions currently go unanswered but some speculate he had a military background due to his travels and training prior to professional wrestling. This would explain some of his tactics as well as the fact that he spent a few years living in the far east, mainly Korea & Japan. As a monster of power in the squared circle using an attack of overwhelming physical strength he has also in the past demonstrated various martial arts techniques such as joint locks, and a striking reminiscent of kick boxing and Tae Kwon Do. Curse has the ability to focus so intently on his target that he can block out all things around him, including pain. Sometimes this has been to his disadvantage. Easily enraged he has from time to time become so fixated on crushing his enemy he has taken count outs and followed opponents through the crowd of spectators or into the locker room just to continue their beatings. Feeding on his own anger as a source of power and actually drawing strength from his own rage there is no reasoning with Curse.

As a Professional Wrestler he cannot be bought or bargained with, and your pleas will go unanswered. He is the rage personified, the physical embodiment of fear. He can smell the blood of those he set his sights on a mile away and once he does nothing on Earth can stop him. Curse feels no pain, Curse has no compassion. And what others call Hell, he simply calls home. The 6’8 walking disaster area has arrived & a very large and dark shadow has fallen over the landscape of Pro Wrestling Fit, and its name is Curse. He now lives in Orlando, Florida and trains full time at the PWF Pro Wrestling school in Orlando, Florida.

El Diablo at Pro Wrestling Fit

January 12, 2013

Pro Wrestling Fit USA Proudly Presents: El Diablo (Javier Camacho) Weight: 230 From: Depths of Hell

pro wrestling shows in Orlando

See El Diablo at Pro Wrestling Fit shows in Orlando

Trained by Outlaw Tom Bass from Mid Florida Wrestling (MFW) In 2001 was my debut Professional Wrestling match was at Cranes Roost in Sanford, FL against a member of The Unchained Outlaws, Mike Mace. Where it lead a spotlight for me to Universal Studios Orlando, FL in 2001 for the Grand Opening of the movie The Scorpion King featuring The Rock, a Professional Wrestler from (WWE).

My Pro Wrestling career continued with MFW in Orlando, Florida and gained the Heavy Weight championship belt for 7 months in 2004 by defeating The Angel of Darkness. Then to also gain the Hardcore championship belt for 4 months in 2005 by defeating Phil Crude a member of The Crude Alliance.

In 2011 I became Tag Team Champion with Soel by defeating Killer Kyle and London Vice. Other organations wrestled with MFW, JPW, NWA, CWA, OWA, IFW and CWFL. El Diablo now works out with the members of Team Puerto Rico at the PWF Pro Wrestling School in Orlando, Florida.

Pro Wrestling fans can now find El Diablo headlining along with the other members of Team Puerto Rico at the Championship Wrestling From Florida shows in Orlando, Florida.

Introducing Bobbi Maracai

October 16, 2012
bobbi maracai pro wrestling

Bobbi Maracai, Professional Wrestling Manager

Welcome to PWF Pro Wrestling Fit USA. This month’s featured talent is none other than Pro Wrestling Manager, Bobbi Maracai. Recently the corporate office of Pro Wrestling Fit International met with Ms. Maracai about her ability to attract new top talent to the industry.

The Pro Wrestling Fit Board of Directors felt that Ms. Maracai could improve the company with the extremely talent stable of wrestlers that she brings with her.

We are sure that the fans will be equally impressed with these wrestlers as well and look forward to their participation in PWF shows around the country.

Bobbi Maracai was born into wealth. Her family was one of the richest in the state of New Jersey. Although her younger years were spent in the lap of luxury in Princeton, NJ, it was never the life Bobbi wanted. She tried on many occasions to rebel. Finally when Bobbi was 13 her parents kicked her out of the mansion with no money in her pocket and only the clothes on her back.

Bobbi lived on the streets for years. Every day was a new danger for her, which is why she started using her words as a defense mechanism. Bobbi was a born talker and found great skill in being able to talk herself out of any situation. She learned at the age of 13 that she could use her words to get pretty much anything she wants.

bobbi maracai

Meet Bobbi Maracai at at Pro Wrestling Fit show near you.

After her parents died in a still-unexplained fire Bobbi, as the sole heir of her parents’ estate, became the richest woman in Princeton. She used her new-found wealth to graduate Princeton University at the top of her class. It was during this time in college that she discovered a love for professional wrestling. She found herself drawn to people like Sherri Martel and Jim Cornette, people who were excellent talkers. Bobbi made it her mission to be the next great manager in professional wrestling. She was able to talk her way into a couple of local Florida independent feds and had some success as a back-up to Leroy Snowball Jenkins. After some time in Lerory’s shadow, Bobbi realized her fate in life was to manage the biggest championship stable in wrestling history. She came to PWF Championship Wrestling From Florida in hopes that she can find that great young talent and use her unlimited resources to make him or her the greatest champion of all time by being the greatest manager of all time.

Be sure to Like Bobbi Maracai on facebook to keep track of all her show appearances and who she is managing.