Pro Wrestler Fire and Brimstone Aaron Alexander

July 23, 2014

Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit USA presents: The one and only, “Fire and Brimstone” Aaron Alexander
Standing six feet one inches tall and weighing two hundred and twenty three pounds. He has made his way out of Silverhills, Alabama with a message for all to heed.

Aaron Alexander has been working on cleansing the world of professional wrestling of all of its demons for over 15 years. He believes that he has been called upon by the Lord himself to set forth on this mission.

Aaron Alexander comes from a rural town in south Alabama, and before finding his own inner peace, he actually led a life of darkness, mischief, and trouble himself. He grew up in a traditional southern family and was raised on traditional southern values. He was raised in the church, shown the value hard work, and taught courtesy and respect. However, he took his own path as he got a little older and he delved into the darkness. He left his family homestead and decided that he had to take his own path in life. He chose to venture out into the world and create a life for himself that was completely different from the way that he was raised. All of his morals and values went out the window. One thing was a constant in his life however, and that was his love for professional wrestling.

At that point he decided that he wanted to become a professional wrestler, but he was still looking for himself and his own identity. He still was living in the dark and causing him and his family turmoil and pain. He dove into the world of professional wrestling and he realized that there were many vices and demons all in the business. He also developed a very passionate love and respect for the business as well though. He saw so many young men and women going through pain and turmoil as well. Being that he did have a proper upbringing, he quickly realized that this was not a path that he wanted to continue down. That is when he made a change and truly found himself and the peace that he was searching for. This is when he took on the moniker of “Fire and Brimstone”. He still wasn’t quite sure how to find a way on his own but he did however know that a change had to be made and he had to start it within himself.

One day it came to him, a vision, and from that point on he has been actively on a mission to lead everyone in the wrestling business and the fans out of the darkness and back to the light. This is what has consumed him and completely overtaken every moment and decision in his life. It devours his every thought, and every waking moment he thinks of how to continue his mission toward a total cleansing of the professional wrestling world. He has a master plan that he lives by to prepare everyone, and to guide every lost soul out of the darkness and back into the light. He knows that he is fighting for a righteous cause, so no matter if people love him or hate him he will continue to fight for their salvation. He feels that there are so many vices and demons in the world of professional wrestling that he will work around the clock to save the souls of everyone involved. He feels that being that he is on a religious mission that he is justified in all his actions. He has said that this is a holy war so no matter how many bones are broken, how much blood is spilled, and how many bodies are left lying it shall all be forgiven because it is in the name of Lord. Do not let his demeanor fool you he is very well adverse in the ring as well. He may be slightly confused for a lack of better term, but he knows how to take care of business and handle himself inside the ring. He is a religious man from Alabama, but he has a mean streak the size of Texas. He has traveled all of the country wrestling anywhere and everywhere to complete his mission. He may be disillusioned, but in his own mind he is absolutely correct, so there is no end in sight. Just know that where ever he goes, Aaron leaves plenty of destruction in the wake and a mass of bodies behind him.

Favorite quotes: “God may show you mercy, but Aaron Alexander will not!” and “I will get you to heaven, even if I have to take to hell first to do it.”

You can meet “Fire and Brimstone” Aaron Alexander at a Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit USA show near you. He is also one of our trainers who is in charge of pro wrestler tryouts before each show for our Pro Wrestling School in Orlando, Florida.

Hillbillies and Professional Wrestling

January 29, 2014

Professional Wrestling Hillbillies

Throughout time there have been countless numbers of “cliques” which is what makes the wrestlers more recognizable. There have been gangsters, working clas types, native americans, wildmen, pretty boys, and even an animal or 40. But probably one of the most popular genres of “cliques have been the hillbillies. Let me explain why Hog Dynasty is going to be so successful in the world of professional wrestling.

Known for their love of scufflin’ and “rasslin'”, hillbillies oftentimes bring a likeability to their character that fans are very responsive to. Hailing from places like Morgans Corner, and Mud Lick, their wholesomeness and down-to-earthiness is something fans throught the years have been able to relate to.

Here are a few of the wrestling hillbillies who have really made an impact in the wrestling world:

Haystacks Calhoun: This WWE Hall of famer was probably the most cheered and revered wrestler in history. At 601 pounds from Morgans Corner Arkansas, Haystacks had a boyish charm and a winning smile about him that the fans had grown to love. But get this fighting hillbilly mad and you awaken a can of moonshine that doiesnt quit.

But haystacks wasnt just a big man he was actually an accomplished wrestler. he had a long running feud with 800 lb Happy Humphrey and almost always got the better of him just by using wrestling.

Haystacks was a 4x Heavyweight tag team champ, Most Notably with the legendary Tony Garea. He was a legend many feel should be inducted into the wwe Hall of fame in the near future

Giant Haystacks: From the UK, this massive man (685 pounds!) was named after Haystacks Calhoun. He wrstled throughout the Uk for a lkong time before coming to the states where he joined WCW as Loch Ness, a member of Kevin Sullivans Dungeon of Doom. This was a short libved run however because of his ongoing battle with cancer.

The Kiwi Sheepherders: Butch miller and Luke williams ran roughshod over tagteams as both the Kiwi sheepherders and the Bushwhackers in their wwe run but little do people realize that they have been wrstling since 1964! So this year will mark 50 years that they have been in the business as a tag team a remarkable feat. For the better part of the first half of thier career they were villified as an evil maniacal australian/new zealend tag team of crazy backwoods hillbilly types, but upon entering the wwe in 1989 they immediately began having a HUGE fan base as the crazy face licking, sock sniffinf, sardine eating bushwhackers. This renowned team has won an amazing total of 26 tag team championships in their career!

Hillbilly Jim: Part of the Rock N’ Wrestling boom of the mid 1980s, this backwoods bumkin was seen sitting front row at numerous events and decided to try his hand in the wwe rings with the help of his training buddy hulk Hogan. Hillbilly Jim was loved by everyone as a humanitarian and a wrestler. he did lots of charity work for the wwe. But his skills werent limited to being a wrestler. He was also a manager of many other hillbilly wrestlers that Im about to delve into.

Uncle Elmer: Stan Plowboy Frazier was a minor character in the 70s having some small success as a tag team partner with Jerry Lawler. He also took on the role of Kamala II. But his most recognizable character was of good ol goofy Uncle Elmer in the WWE in 85 and 86. At 460 pounds he fit the old hillbilly uncle character to a t> Hes to this still probably most famous for actually getting married on an episode of Saturday nights main event

Cousin Luke and Cousin junior: “Cousins” of Hillbilly Jim they rounded out the hillbilly team. Luke had a somewhat successful character as the devil worshipping kharma in florida in the 80s. Junior actually first gained success in the business by being one third of the world famous Moondog team, Moondog Cujo.

Henry O Godwinn and Phineas Godwinn: After a medium range jobber run as the team of Tex Slazenger and Shanghai pierce in WCW, this team was brought to the WWE during a time of a lot of comical characters. But these 2 hog farmers proved their critics wrong by twice becoming WWE tag team champions.

Wrestling has always had its share of characters but hillbillies remain among the most beloved. Their success is an inspiration to all those who feel that you need to have money and power to succeed in the business. A little hard work and chicken slop goes a long way as well. The latest hillbilly family to enter the ranks is Hog Dynasty lead by the Hog Commander Uncle Jed. He is training his family members like Hillbilly Bones and Cousin Bruce to beat Hogs. Uncle Jed says that if you can beat a Hog you can beat any man! See them live at a Pro Wrestling Fit show near you!

Pro Wrestling show January 18th 2014

January 20, 2014

Pro Wrestling Fit USA Event January 18, 2014

The Unchained Outlaw Levi Mullins Defeated Simple Simon. (Submission Match)

With the debut of the PWF Referee Byron Dale in the opening match, The Unchained Outlaw and Simple Simon definitely put the Rookies skills to the test right off the bat. Outlaw Levi took control of the match when the bell rang. When Simple Simon took control he worked on Outlaws left leg but that wasn’t enough as Outlaw made Simon tap on a back breaker. Simon very unhappy and challenged Outlaw to a hardcore match next month.

Redd Alert Defeated The Grappler to become Number One Contender.

It was back and forth action between Alert and Grappler. Both of these men worked really hard so they can face the champion Curse. Alert held most of the match against Grappler, but Grappler refused to go down without a fight.

Latin Fury and Hog Dynasty (Tag Team Title Match) Time Limit Draw

Latin Fury came out singing Happy Birthday to Uncle Jed for his birthday, However it turned real violent after Cousin bones left the ring to get the crowd singing with him. Latin Fury attacked Uncle Jed from behind and Made Cousin bones come running back into the ring. Latin fury was in control for much of the match, even when Hillbilly bill, tried to interfere. But that didn’t stop Latin Fury from Retaining the Tag Team Title belt.

Kevin Rhodes Attacked Outside.

Kevin Rhodes was scheduled to go one on one with Thump Dupree but he was jumped outside as he arrived to the arena by the Money Mob. Kevin Rhodes then called out Dupree and asked him why. Dupree’s response was short and simple. “Money Mob Doesn’t like you and I’m part of Money Mob.”

Kevin then re-challenged Dupree for next month.

Pretty Boy Papi Defeated Moco Loco (Jr Heavyweight Championship Title Match.

Pretty boy Papi and Moco Loco put on a show as these two men went toe to toe for the Jr Heavyweight Championship. These two men didn’t take long to get the crowd going as reversal after reversal was brought into the fight until Moco Loco performed a hip toss on Papi. The match almost ended in a double count out as the men where laying in the middle of the ring. Papi, out of no where, performed a P-10 and Pinned Moco Loco for the win.

Curse Vs. The Master (Draw-Time Expired. PWF Heavyweight Championship Title Match)

The Master challenged Curse for the PWF Heavyweight Championship. As soon as the bell rang they locked up and bounced off all four sides of the squared circle while staying locked up. The Master gained control using his quick legs to beat on the legs of the Champion. After Curse got control he got The Master in the corner and gave him a couple hard chest shots that echoed through the arena and can be heard in the locker room. Then without the Senior Referee Jim in site The Master used his quickness and jabbed Curse in the throat. With Curse Gasping for air, The Master continued his attack on Curse’s legs. But that didnt slow down Curse down. After a Choke Slam to The Master, Curse covered but when Referee Jim got to the two count the bell rang as time expired on the match. Curse very unhappy that he retained the title and asked the Commissioner Rick Love for 5 more minutes. Love told Curse he can have his 5 more minutes on February 15th, 2014.

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Pro Wrestler Pretty Boy Papi

November 19, 2013

Pro Wrestler Pretty Boy Papi“Pretty Boy PAPI “

Born: JULY 31, 1987

Height: 6ft

Weight: 220lbs

From: North Philly

Nickname: “Swag Man”

Signature Move: SWAG-Matic

He is the man that introduced SWAG in to professional wrestling. Pretty Boy PAPI has been from battle to battle, from opponent to opponent proving to fans everywhere that he has the talent and charisma to be in this industry. What once was a fairytale, a goal that seemed impossible to accomplish, began to look like reality after his 20’s? Papi, whose real name is Michael Nieves, began like every other kid wrestling on his bed and moving it to the backyard with his brothers and cousins which to him at the time was the closest he would ever get to becoming a pro wrestler, but he knew and realized that his thirst and ambition of becoming a real champion a real athlete and stepping into a real ring would take him to make a huge decision a take a step forward.

After years of battling with health and personal issues Michael decided that unless he tore down the walls holding him back from his dreams, he would never be that man that could hear fans chanting for him as he one day would become a champion. He began to train at a Pro Wrestling School in Lakeland, Florida by E.J Giglo who at the time also owned his own promotion which was where Pretty Boy Papi was born on May 2011. During his training days many obstacles came up which delayed training and made his debut look further away and almost impossible.

Papi debuted his wrestling career as one half of a Puerto Rican Tag Team unfortunate his tag team debut only lasted that one night. Pretty Boy began to wrestle singles and began to grow and learn how the “Business” really worked. From the start of his wrestling career Pretty Boy Papi landed right in the spot light facing veterans and champions in many promotions across the state, going into his matches as the underdog but quickly earning the respect of fans with his old school style. As a face or heel Papi has been a fan favorite and has been nicknamed by wrestling fans as the “SWAG MAN”.

Pretty Boy Papi seems to chase his dreams and work harder with every match hoping to one day be the wrestler he wanted and craved to be as a young wrestling fan himself watching legends like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Triple H. The “Swag Man” after almost just nearly two years in the industry on November 16th 2013 was given the opportunity to get in the squared circle for the promotion PWF international against his opponent Bobby Fonta where the winner would become the PWF JR United States Champion. The crowd cheered on for Papi from the get go even though it wasn’t looking “Pretty” for Papi as Fonta worked on his knee to make sure the big man could not get up, but as the crowd never lost faith neither did Papi as he fought back and never gave up. Papi dodging the belt as Fonta attempted to use it was able to connect his finisher the “SWAG MATIC” and became the New PWF JR United States Champion and held his first ever title that night November 16th 2013. Papi had accomplished a goal of being a champion for the first time.

Pretty Boy holds nothing back when it comes to being in the ring. He has been in matches such as Tag team, singles, triple treats, fatal fours, battle royals, handicap, and no DQ.  From opening matches to mid card and main eventing Pretty Boy Papi never forgets to bring his “SWAG”. From a fan base that runs across the country in different states and out the country in near Caribbean islands Papi is starting to feel his dreams closer to being a reality.  Standing at over 6 feet tall he has literally made his opponents look up at him putting fear and gaining respect as one of the toughest rising talents professional wrestling has seen.  With his “Pretty Boy” looks and tough man style he has truly put the meaning in his catch phrase “MY SWAG DNT FADE”….


Professional Wrestler Black Dragon

November 8, 2013

The Black Dragon

Height: 6 Feet   Weight: 200 lbs   D.O.B: 11/20/1981

Home Town: Uraysu-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan

Wrestler Since: February 2010

Finishing Maneuver: Dragon Sleeper, Twisted Dragon, The Dragon’s Sacrifice

Pro Wrestler Black DragonChristian Missionaries in the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan, Richard and Diane (last name unknown) gave birth to a son. Being refugees from the US living as Mission volunteers, they decided it would be best to give up their child to someone who could provide a stable life for the boy. So they placed the child on the doorstep of wealthy and highly respected traditional YuSool Jujitsu Dojo owner named Grand Master Yamato Enzigurii.

Hoping to someday find the child’s real parents, Grand Master Enziguri never named the boy. Since his arrival at the Dojo the child wore a mask designed by the Grand Master to protect him from the taunting of others because of his mixed race background. The boy would be allowed to observe the training in the Dojo but never participate.  Then on November 20th in the year 1981 the Grand Master observed the child practicing the powerful Dragon stance. Grand Master Enziguri noticed the child standing over a black lotus flower in an almost perfect Dragon stance.  On that day he began personally training the boy in the deepest and most closely guarded secret techniques of YuSool Jujitsu. He was taught the Dragon Sleeper, Twisted Dragon and the Dragon’s Sacrifice. Never before in the history of the martial arts had such high level deadly skills been taught to a child.

The Grand Master gave the school an order stating that from this day forward the child will be known as “Black Dragon”. Although the child was approximately 6 years old this day the Grand Master said would be marked as the birthday of Black Dragon. When Black Dragon was on 9 years old Grand Master Enziguri moved to the Eastern Coast of the US so he could teach more children the art of Yusool Jujitsu. Unfortunately after only a year in the US, Grand Master Enziguri died due to heart complications leaving Black Dragon alone and stranded in this strange country that had been the birthplace of his parents. When Black Dragon was 27, fate would lead him to the two people who would become his mentors, trainers, and his way into a new life as a Professional Wrestler.

The first of these men was named Rex Rumble and was the owner of New Blood Championship Wrestling and Co-owner of Lynx Wrestling Alliance. His second mentor would be the one and only Freight Train, LWA’s World Heavyweight Champion and one of the top competitors for NBCW. These two men continue to be the trainers and mentors of the Black Dragon. Under their leadership and guidance Black Dragon not only found a purpose, but also a home and a family with NBCW, LWA, PWF South Carolina and new found family Christian Carolina Championship Wrestling.

Returning to his martial arts roots, the Black Dragon is pursuing the PWF Martial Arts World Title. Onlookers feel that the combination of his martial arts training in childhood and his newly found Professional Wrestling skills will make him a formidable opponent in the Pro Wrestling Fit Martial Arts Division.

The Funkadelic Super Villain – Pro Wrestler Thump Dupree

November 4, 2013

Thump Dupree “The Funkadelic Super Villain”

Professional Wrestler Thump Dupree

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Years Pro: 14

Trained at the Pro Wrestling School in Orlando, Florida:  SECW  Alex Porteau, Kid Romeo,  Bruce Wren, Jumping Jack Flash (RIP)

Height:  5′ 10″      Weight: 235 lb

Signature:  Sakhammer knee drop

Finisher:  Chicken Choker. (Gorrie Special  To Modified Neck Breaker)

Submission:  Traptazz.   (Crooked Head Scizzors)

Notable Opponenents:

Kahagas, Barry Horowitz, “Classy Chris Nelson”. Hector Guerrero, Dagon Briggs, Aaron Epic,  Nightstalker, Alex Porteau, Kid Romeo, Deathrow Jethro,  Ryze (RIP) Mace (RIP).

Career Highlights:

Multi time Florida Heavyweight Champion  SCW, (4)CWF, (2)SECW, (3)MFW. Working for Pro Wrestling Fit USA

Tag Teams:

BWS  with Chris Nelson

Double Deuce

Crude Alliance with Jumpin Jack Flash

Chickin n Ryze  with Ryze

The Dominators with Bam Bam Moncusco

Style:  Cheat… Bite… Burn…Lacerate… Win.

Born May 28, 1970 in Anchorage, Alaska where I lived for 18 months before moving to Tampa, Florida where my parents promptly divorced.  My mother relicated us to Orlando by age 4 where I lived until my Junior year of high school. Then back to Tampa with my dad until graduating high school in 1988.

I grew up at a time when Gordon Solie brought us Dusty Rhodes, Wahoo, Jack and Jerry Brisco, Blackjack Mulligan, Ron Bass.  But none caught my attention more than Rick Flair.  Without question, the greatest ever. Hulk…great.  Rick Flair.  Greatest ever.   I regularly saw shows at Eddie Graham and The Armory in Tampa.

I was always a fan but didn’t actually even consider wrestling until my 27th birthday when I mentioned wanting to train among friends.  They reminded me I was 5-10 165 lbs.  By my 28th birthday, I had gained 30lbs and had worked with Kahagas, Kid Romeo, Barry Horowitz, Alex Porteau and Dagon Briggs.  All still my favorite opponents and favorite people. The Korean Monster Ryze (RIP) was a dear friend as well.  Wrestling aside. Just a great human being.  I miss him every day.

Chris Nelson..  If I get “it”.  It’s because of Chris Nelson.  He was there for me at a time I wished I’d had the clarity to recognize.  If I’ve never told him, I need to.  He knew where I was headed.  I just didn’t listen.  In 2007, I walked away from Thump Dupree.  A combination of my own indiscretions and a questionable career choice and its fallout, made it easy.  Certain people could have reached out, they chose judgment.  No harm no foul.  Don’t start no sh!t and there won’t be none.  It’s 2013, I made my return with my home promotion SCW and now have joined the Pro Wrestling Fit roster as a single competitor. I had a good time working with Jason Cade in my return match.  It was good with lots of energy.  I’ve been a heel the majority of my career.  SCW Fans turned me that night in a seven minute match.  Crazy, from here I want to have fun entertaining people while making some new friends and catching up with old ones.  I have no set time before I hang up my boots.  I just hope that when I do it’s on my own terms, God willing.

Public Service Announcement

August 13, 2013

An open letter to Mr John Cena.

pro wrestler in Orlando

See Chris Havenstorm LIVE at the After Party at Gator’s Dockside Ocoee

WHOA WHOA WHOA… Now don’t get me wrong John, I have neither been for you or against you. I have never fully cheered you and been part of the Cenation and I have never fully booed you and been all about chanting Cena Sucks. BUT I do respect what you do in and out of that ring. You’re asking Daniel Bryan to underestimate you and PLEASE think you’re just a Tshirt but at the same time just five minutes before in this self same promo you took that tshirt off and said its you and a symbol of you and you actually had the unmitigated gall to compare your slickly marketed WWE tshirt to OUR AMERICAN FLAG?!?!

Saying your tshirt no more just a shirt then our American Flag is just a piece of cloth. John I know you’re on this kick that after ten years now you deserve all the respect in the world for everything you’ve done and you deserve your place, but please check half of that incredibly sized ego at the door before you compare your tshirt which in the grand scheme of things is still JUST A PIECE OF CLOTH and if I want to buy one and wash my car with it or leave it laying on the ground nobody but the blindest Cena mark is gonna cry over it, but to compare it to a symbol of our country that as the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air in the end our flag was still there and has flown and been made to fly by the blood sweat and tears of the BRAVEST men and.women to ever walk this earth for the past two hundred years in our US military troops.

Nobody has ever even been injured defending a John Cena shirt. So please do not ever and listen to the words I whisper because Chris Havenstorm’s whispers are louder and carry more gravitas than your wildest screams and demands, do….not…..e-v-e-r…..try to convince us that anything WWE Shop puts out for you to wear on your anatomy in any way comes close or bears any correllation whatsoever to the 13 red and white stripes and the 50 white stars ona background of blue because John to me and everyone else your belief in that is just gonna be even more fake than your attempt to be The Marine did and that’s saying something indeed.

The preceding Public Service Announcement was paid for by Tbe Havenstorm Experience.