Pro Wrestler Fire and Brimstone Aaron Alexander

July 23, 2014

Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit USA presents: The one and only, “Fire and Brimstone” Aaron Alexander
Standing six feet one inches tall and weighing two hundred and twenty three pounds. He has made his way out of Silverhills, Alabama with a message for all to heed.

Aaron Alexander has been working on cleansing the world of professional wrestling of all of its demons for over 15 years. He believes that he has been called upon by the Lord himself to set forth on this mission.

Aaron Alexander comes from a rural town in south Alabama, and before finding his own inner peace, he actually led a life of darkness, mischief, and trouble himself. He grew up in a traditional southern family and was raised on traditional southern values. He was raised in the church, shown the value hard work, and taught courtesy and respect. However, he took his own path as he got a little older and he delved into the darkness. He left his family homestead and decided that he had to take his own path in life. He chose to venture out into the world and create a life for himself that was completely different from the way that he was raised. All of his morals and values went out the window. One thing was a constant in his life however, and that was his love for professional wrestling.

At that point he decided that he wanted to become a professional wrestler, but he was still looking for himself and his own identity. He still was living in the dark and causing him and his family turmoil and pain. He dove into the world of professional wrestling and he realized that there were many vices and demons all in the business. He also developed a very passionate love and respect for the business as well though. He saw so many young men and women going through pain and turmoil as well. Being that he did have a proper upbringing, he quickly realized that this was not a path that he wanted to continue down. That is when he made a change and truly found himself and the peace that he was searching for. This is when he took on the moniker of “Fire and Brimstone”. He still wasn’t quite sure how to find a way on his own but he did however know that a change had to be made and he had to start it within himself.

One day it came to him, a vision, and from that point on he has been actively on a mission to lead everyone in the wrestling business and the fans out of the darkness and back to the light. This is what has consumed him and completely overtaken every moment and decision in his life. It devours his every thought, and every waking moment he thinks of how to continue his mission toward a total cleansing of the professional wrestling world. He has a master plan that he lives by to prepare everyone, and to guide every lost soul out of the darkness and back into the light. He knows that he is fighting for a righteous cause, so no matter if people love him or hate him he will continue to fight for their salvation. He feels that there are so many vices and demons in the world of professional wrestling that he will work around the clock to save the souls of everyone involved. He feels that being that he is on a religious mission that he is justified in all his actions. He has said that this is a holy war so no matter how many bones are broken, how much blood is spilled, and how many bodies are left lying it shall all be forgiven because it is in the name of Lord. Do not let his demeanor fool you he is very well adverse in the ring as well. He may be slightly confused for a lack of better term, but he knows how to take care of business and handle himself inside the ring. He is a religious man from Alabama, but he has a mean streak the size of Texas. He has traveled all of the country wrestling anywhere and everywhere to complete his mission. He may be disillusioned, but in his own mind he is absolutely correct, so there is no end in sight. Just know that where ever he goes, Aaron leaves plenty of destruction in the wake and a mass of bodies behind him.

Favorite quotes: “God may show you mercy, but Aaron Alexander will not!” and “I will get you to heaven, even if I have to take to hell first to do it.”

You can meet “Fire and Brimstone” Aaron Alexander at a Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit USA show near you. He is also one of our trainers who is in charge of pro wrestler tryouts before each show for our Pro Wrestling School in Orlando, Florida.