Professional Wrestler Black Dragon

The Black Dragon

Height: 6 Feet   Weight: 200 lbs   D.O.B: 11/20/1981

Home Town: Uraysu-shi, Chiba-ken, Japan

Wrestler Since: February 2010

Finishing Maneuver: Dragon Sleeper, Twisted Dragon, The Dragon’s Sacrifice

Pro Wrestler Black DragonChristian Missionaries in the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan, Richard and Diane (last name unknown) gave birth to a son. Being refugees from the US living as Mission volunteers, they decided it would be best to give up their child to someone who could provide a stable life for the boy. So they placed the child on the doorstep of wealthy and highly respected traditional YuSool Jujitsu Dojo owner named Grand Master Yamato Enzigurii.

Hoping to someday find the child’s real parents, Grand Master Enziguri never named the boy. Since his arrival at the Dojo the child wore a mask designed by the Grand Master to protect him from the taunting of others because of his mixed race background. The boy would be allowed to observe the training in the Dojo but never participate.  Then on November 20th in the year 1981 the Grand Master observed the child practicing the powerful Dragon stance. Grand Master Enziguri noticed the child standing over a black lotus flower in an almost perfect Dragon stance.  On that day he began personally training the boy in the deepest and most closely guarded secret techniques of YuSool Jujitsu. He was taught the Dragon Sleeper, Twisted Dragon and the Dragon’s Sacrifice. Never before in the history of the martial arts had such high level deadly skills been taught to a child.

The Grand Master gave the school an order stating that from this day forward the child will be known as “Black Dragon”. Although the child was approximately 6 years old this day the Grand Master said would be marked as the birthday of Black Dragon. When Black Dragon was on 9 years old Grand Master Enziguri moved to the Eastern Coast of the US so he could teach more children the art of Yusool Jujitsu. Unfortunately after only a year in the US, Grand Master Enziguri died due to heart complications leaving Black Dragon alone and stranded in this strange country that had been the birthplace of his parents. When Black Dragon was 27, fate would lead him to the two people who would become his mentors, trainers, and his way into a new life as a Professional Wrestler.

The first of these men was named Rex Rumble and was the owner of New Blood Championship Wrestling and Co-owner of Lynx Wrestling Alliance. His second mentor would be the one and only Freight Train, LWA’s World Heavyweight Champion and one of the top competitors for NBCW. These two men continue to be the trainers and mentors of the Black Dragon. Under their leadership and guidance Black Dragon not only found a purpose, but also a home and a family with NBCW, LWA, PWF South Carolina and new found family Christian Carolina Championship Wrestling.

Returning to his martial arts roots, the Black Dragon is pursuing the PWF Martial Arts World Title. Onlookers feel that the combination of his martial arts training in childhood and his newly found Professional Wrestling skills will make him a formidable opponent in the Pro Wrestling Fit Martial Arts Division.

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