The Funkadelic Super Villain – Pro Wrestler Thump Dupree

Thump Dupree “The Funkadelic Super Villain”

Professional Wrestler Thump Dupree

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Years Pro: 14

Trained at the Pro Wrestling School in Orlando, Florida:  SECW  Alex Porteau, Kid Romeo,  Bruce Wren, Jumping Jack Flash (RIP)

Height:  5′ 10″      Weight: 235 lb

Signature:  Sakhammer knee drop

Finisher:  Chicken Choker. (Gorrie Special  To Modified Neck Breaker)

Submission:  Traptazz.   (Crooked Head Scizzors)

Notable Opponenents:

Kahagas, Barry Horowitz, “Classy Chris Nelson”. Hector Guerrero, Dagon Briggs, Aaron Epic,  Nightstalker, Alex Porteau, Kid Romeo, Deathrow Jethro,  Ryze (RIP) Mace (RIP).

Career Highlights:

Multi time Florida Heavyweight Champion  SCW, (4)CWF, (2)SECW, (3)MFW. Working for Pro Wrestling Fit USA

Tag Teams:

BWS  with Chris Nelson

Double Deuce

Crude Alliance with Jumpin Jack Flash

Chickin n Ryze  with Ryze

The Dominators with Bam Bam Moncusco

Style:  Cheat… Bite… Burn…Lacerate… Win.

Born May 28, 1970 in Anchorage, Alaska where I lived for 18 months before moving to Tampa, Florida where my parents promptly divorced.  My mother relicated us to Orlando by age 4 where I lived until my Junior year of high school. Then back to Tampa with my dad until graduating high school in 1988.

I grew up at a time when Gordon Solie brought us Dusty Rhodes, Wahoo, Jack and Jerry Brisco, Blackjack Mulligan, Ron Bass.  But none caught my attention more than Rick Flair.  Without question, the greatest ever. Hulk…great.  Rick Flair.  Greatest ever.   I regularly saw shows at Eddie Graham and The Armory in Tampa.

I was always a fan but didn’t actually even consider wrestling until my 27th birthday when I mentioned wanting to train among friends.  They reminded me I was 5-10 165 lbs.  By my 28th birthday, I had gained 30lbs and had worked with Kahagas, Kid Romeo, Barry Horowitz, Alex Porteau and Dagon Briggs.  All still my favorite opponents and favorite people. The Korean Monster Ryze (RIP) was a dear friend as well.  Wrestling aside. Just a great human being.  I miss him every day.

Chris Nelson..  If I get “it”.  It’s because of Chris Nelson.  He was there for me at a time I wished I’d had the clarity to recognize.  If I’ve never told him, I need to.  He knew where I was headed.  I just didn’t listen.  In 2007, I walked away from Thump Dupree.  A combination of my own indiscretions and a questionable career choice and its fallout, made it easy.  Certain people could have reached out, they chose judgment.  No harm no foul.  Don’t start no sh!t and there won’t be none.  It’s 2013, I made my return with my home promotion SCW and now have joined the Pro Wrestling Fit roster as a single competitor. I had a good time working with Jason Cade in my return match.  It was good with lots of energy.  I’ve been a heel the majority of my career.  SCW Fans turned me that night in a seven minute match.  Crazy, from here I want to have fun entertaining people while making some new friends and catching up with old ones.  I have no set time before I hang up my boots.  I just hope that when I do it’s on my own terms, God willing.


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