Public Service Announcement

An open letter to Mr John Cena.

pro wrestler in Orlando

See Chris Havenstorm LIVE at the After Party at Gator’s Dockside Ocoee

WHOA WHOA WHOA… Now don’t get me wrong John, I have neither been for you or against you. I have never fully cheered you and been part of the Cenation and I have never fully booed you and been all about chanting Cena Sucks. BUT I do respect what you do in and out of that ring. You’re asking Daniel Bryan to underestimate you and PLEASE think you’re just a Tshirt but at the same time just five minutes before in this self same promo you took that tshirt off and said its you and a symbol of you and you actually had the unmitigated gall to compare your slickly marketed WWE tshirt to OUR AMERICAN FLAG?!?!

Saying your tshirt no more just a shirt then our American Flag is just a piece of cloth. John I know you’re on this kick that after ten years now you deserve all the respect in the world for everything you’ve done and you deserve your place, but please check half of that incredibly sized ego at the door before you compare your tshirt which in the grand scheme of things is still JUST A PIECE OF CLOTH and if I want to buy one and wash my car with it or leave it laying on the ground nobody but the blindest Cena mark is gonna cry over it, but to compare it to a symbol of our country that as the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air in the end our flag was still there and has flown and been made to fly by the blood sweat and tears of the BRAVEST men and.women to ever walk this earth for the past two hundred years in our US military troops.

Nobody has ever even been injured defending a John Cena shirt. So please do not ever and listen to the words I whisper because Chris Havenstorm’s whispers are louder and carry more gravitas than your wildest screams and demands, do….not…..e-v-e-r…..try to convince us that anything WWE Shop puts out for you to wear on your anatomy in any way comes close or bears any correllation whatsoever to the 13 red and white stripes and the 50 white stars ona background of blue because John to me and everyone else your belief in that is just gonna be even more fake than your attempt to be The Marine did and that’s saying something indeed.

The preceding Public Service Announcement was paid for by Tbe Havenstorm Experience.


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