Orlando Florida Pro Wrestler Curse

pro wrestling in orlando florida

Orlando, Florida based Pro Wrestler CURSE!

Pro Wrestling Fit USA proudly presents CURSE! From the badlands of South Dakota, far beyond the confines of civilization comes a new threat to the roster of Pro Wrestling Fit. Now making his home in Orlando, Florida, standing at six feet eight inches tall and 281lbs of destruction, comes the dark tower of power, the walking disaster area known only as Curse. This living monolith has cut his teeth all over the globe since dominating the world of Professional Wrestling and has now set his sights on championship gold here in PWF.

Little is known about his life away from the ring although he has made it very clear that he has a deep rooted hatred for a current Champion in the PWF family and is waiting to exact his revenge. Although he has been vague about this quest for vengeance what is obvious is this level of hatred can only be of a personal nature. Recently, recruiting manager Leroy Jenkins to help him secure his shot at the title and with it his burning desire for revenge. While he has not stated who this person is the rumors in the locker room is that Curse feels betrayed by this individual. Some believe they broke into the business together and while this person went on to become a Champion, Curse was left to rot in the concrete jungles and barbwire nightmares of other organizations of the far northeast, miles away from the Florida territories. Having newly aligned himself with the Palace of Pain the sky truly is the limit for both Curse and Mr. Jenkins, a deadly combination of ruthless aggression and unstoppable power. Curse no doubt will find himself right at home with the pain, fear, and intimidation the Palace has become infamous for dishing out.

Because no one knows Curse’s real identity many questions currently go unanswered but some speculate he had a military background due to his travels and training prior to professional wrestling. This would explain some of his tactics as well as the fact that he spent a few years living in the far east, mainly Korea & Japan. As a monster of power in the squared circle using an attack of overwhelming physical strength he has also in the past demonstrated various martial arts techniques such as joint locks, and a striking reminiscent of kick boxing and Tae Kwon Do. Curse has the ability to focus so intently on his target that he can block out all things around him, including pain. Sometimes this has been to his disadvantage. Easily enraged he has from time to time become so fixated on crushing his enemy he has taken count outs and followed opponents through the crowd of spectators or into the locker room just to continue their beatings. Feeding on his own anger as a source of power and actually drawing strength from his own rage there is no reasoning with Curse.

As a Professional Wrestler he cannot be bought or bargained with, and your pleas will go unanswered. He is the rage personified, the physical embodiment of fear. He can smell the blood of those he set his sights on a mile away and once he does nothing on Earth can stop him. Curse feels no pain, Curse has no compassion. And what others call Hell, he simply calls home. The 6’8 walking disaster area has arrived & a very large and dark shadow has fallen over the landscape of Pro Wrestling Fit, and its name is Curse. He now lives in Orlando, Florida and trains full time at the PWF Pro Wrestling school in Orlando, Florida.


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