El Diablo at Pro Wrestling Fit

Pro Wrestling Fit USA Proudly Presents: El Diablo (Javier Camacho) Weight: 230 From: Depths of Hell

pro wrestling shows in Orlando

See El Diablo at Pro Wrestling Fit shows in Orlando

Trained by Outlaw Tom Bass from Mid Florida Wrestling (MFW) In 2001 was my debut Professional Wrestling match was at Cranes Roost in Sanford, FL against a member of The Unchained Outlaws, Mike Mace. Where it lead a spotlight for me to Universal Studios Orlando, FL in 2001 for the Grand Opening of the movie The Scorpion King featuring The Rock, a Professional Wrestler from (WWE).

My Pro Wrestling career continued with MFW in Orlando, Florida and gained the Heavy Weight championship belt for 7 months in 2004 by defeating The Angel of Darkness. Then to also gain the Hardcore championship belt for 4 months in 2005 by defeating Phil Crude a member of The Crude Alliance.

In 2011 I became Tag Team Champion with Soel by defeating Killer Kyle and London Vice. Other organations wrestled with MFW, JPW, NWA, CWA, OWA, IFW and CWFL. El Diablo now works out with the members of Team Puerto Rico at the PWF Pro Wrestling School in Orlando, Florida.

Pro Wrestling fans can now find El Diablo headlining along with the other members of Team Puerto Rico at the Championship Wrestling From Florida shows in Orlando, Florida.


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