Introducing Bobbi Maracai

October 16, 2012
bobbi maracai pro wrestling

Bobbi Maracai, Professional Wrestling Manager

Welcome to PWF Pro Wrestling Fit USA. This month’s featured talent is none other than Pro Wrestling Manager, Bobbi Maracai. Recently the corporate office of Pro Wrestling Fit International met with Ms. Maracai about her ability to attract new top talent to the industry.

The Pro Wrestling Fit Board of Directors felt that Ms. Maracai could improve the company with the extremely talent stable of wrestlers that she brings with her.

We are sure that the fans will be equally impressed with these wrestlers as well and look forward to their participation in PWF shows around the country.

Bobbi Maracai was born into wealth. Her family was one of the richest in the state of New Jersey. Although her younger years were spent in the lap of luxury in Princeton, NJ, it was never the life Bobbi wanted. She tried on many occasions to rebel. Finally when Bobbi was 13 her parents kicked her out of the mansion with no money in her pocket and only the clothes on her back.

Bobbi lived on the streets for years. Every day was a new danger for her, which is why she started using her words as a defense mechanism. Bobbi was a born talker and found great skill in being able to talk herself out of any situation. She learned at the age of 13 that she could use her words to get pretty much anything she wants.

bobbi maracai

Meet Bobbi Maracai at at Pro Wrestling Fit show near you.

After her parents died in a still-unexplained fire Bobbi, as the sole heir of her parents’ estate, became the richest woman in Princeton. She used her new-found wealth to graduate Princeton University at the top of her class. It was during this time in college that she discovered a love for professional wrestling. She found herself drawn to people like Sherri Martel and Jim Cornette, people who were excellent talkers. Bobbi made it her mission to be the next great manager in professional wrestling. She was able to talk her way into a couple of local Florida independent feds and had some success as a back-up to Leroy Snowball Jenkins. After some time in Lerory’s shadow, Bobbi realized her fate in life was to manage the biggest championship stable in wrestling history. She came to PWF Championship Wrestling From Florida in hopes that she can find that great young talent and use her unlimited resources to make him or her the greatest champion of all time by being the greatest manager of all time.

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