Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit USA is the US National affiliate of Zero 1 PWF International and the fastest growing professional wrestling show in America! Be sure to save us to your favorites and check back often.

We Asked. YOU Answered. You’re Welcome!

Pro Wrestling Fit is the company where “YOU The Fans” made the calls! Our Magazines, Radio and TV Shows are Fan-sourced where we answer the questions that fans ask. We get questions every week from our blog and facebook pages. We have been doing surveys at live events and we asked fans “What is wrong with Pro Wrestling today?” What did you say? After sifting through all the answers You told us that big TV wrestling has three major flaws: First, there is just too much talking. You said that RAW secretly stands for “Rarely Any Wrestling”. Second, Unbelievable finishes. Guys jumping up from a move that should have broken his neck or knocked him out cold! The third thing that you told us… really hit home for the independent wrestling scene. Over weight and under weight”Athletes”. Wrestlers who just don’t look like wrestlers and you really don’t believe these guys could win a match against the average Girl Scout.

What We’ve Done About it!

1. Our shows offer more action. We have shorter time limits allowing wrestlers to keep up an exciting pace. No 60 minute matches that bore you to sleep for 50 of those minutes.

2. No More FAKE “40 chair shots over the head” B.S. type matches. We have put the WRESTLING back into Pro Wrestling!

3. Professional Athletes – Professional Physiques. No more fat guys in black t-shirts or skinny guys that look like meth-heads and crack addicts. There is a reason we are called Pro Wrestling FIT! Even our corporate office staff attends workouts to stay in shape.

A welcome message from Zero 1 PWF USA President Kevin Rhodes:

Welcome to Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit USA, home to international pro wrestling superstars such as Glacier, Kevin Rhodes, Hot Rodz, Pretty Boy Papi, Justin Cage, Thump Dupree, Fire & Brimstone Aaron Alexander, Rick Love, American Dragon Shane Miller, Cameron Xross, Alex Anthony, WuZhi, Uncle Jed, Simple Simon and many more.

Below you will find the history of our organization. We hope this will help you understand why Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit USA is the fastest growing wrestling promotion in America today! Many years ago we started off as a branch of the World Wrestling Association with Dick The Bruiser. After his death we became a part of the NWA brand. Later we dumped the because the name and reputation had been spiraling downward in quality and becoming increasingly demanding while providing absolutely no support. So we set out on our own and were picked up as an affiliate of the Pro Wrestling Fit International. Since that time we have been a part of their international magazines, radio shows, television program and even participated in the making of several Pro Wrestling documentaries. The staff and talent of our organization deeply appreciates the support of the fans who view our free online media and those who take the time to purchase tickets to our live events. It is no secret that we love our fans!

I personally invite you to grab Grandma and the kids and come on out to one of our live events for a Slammin’ Good Time! You can contact me personally by joining our community at www.facebook.com/groups/pwfinternational 


Kevin E. Rhodes, President Zero 1 PWF USA

Kevin Rhodes wrestling school Orlando Florida

Pro Wrestling Fit USA President, Three Times Jr Heavy Weight Champion:

Kevin Rhodes







6 Responses to About

  1. Chris thrasher says:

    How can I become apart of a wrestling program.I’m 23 an I have some wrestling Background from high school.any info would be greatly appreciated.

  2. jock seay says:

    Wat time will training be held

  3. Mike Manning says:

    Are you like a wrestling school to train ? I have to start working out but i need help.

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